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Approaching $150 million invested in realtime web companies

September 22, 2013 by Phil Leggetter in realtime, general

With approaching $150 Million invested in realtime web companies there can be no doubt about the benefits of realtime functionality within web and mobile applications. And one of the big benefits of all this investment is that for us developers it’s only going to get easier to use the technology. We’re also going to see innovation accelerate and more possibilities become available.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s been invested so far:

Nearly 75% of grand total of $134.7 million is obviously represented by the $100M for But $34.7M is still a considerable figure for realtime web technologies as a whole. It’s also worth pointing out that while Pusher have had the least investment that their jobs page states that they are profitable.

This all points to a healthy future for realtime web technologies and for opportunities for us as developers to take advantage by using them to increase the interactive and engaging natures in our web apps.

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